Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pay?

Payment can be made via credit card

Must you have your credit card with you when you pick up your vehicle?

No. Payment is made to United Vehicle Services prior to collection – on the day you collect and go

How is a daily rental fee charged?

Vehicle hire rates are calculated on a 24-hour period

How Old Must I be?

Usually age 23 for a South African Licence Holder, if the driver is under the age of 23, extra fees will be charged.

How Long Must I have had a licence?

A customer must have a valid driver’s licence for three or more years.

What is an additional driver?

If a customer signs the rental agreement, he/she is the only one allowed to drive the vehicle. If there is an additional driver on the rental agreement, extra fees will be charged.

What types of waivers are there?

Waivers are a legal agreement between the customer and the rental company in the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle.

There are two options:

If the customer was negligent, he/she would be held liable and would have to pay for the full amount of damage.

How does the Fuel Work?

When you receive the vehicle, it has a full tank of fuel. There are two options upon returning the vehicle rental:

What is Tourism Levy?

A compulsory fee of 1% of the daily vehicle rental rate is paid to TOMSA (Tourism Marketing Levy for South Africa) to promote and develop tourism in South Africa.
What countries can I take the vehicle rental into?
Certain vehicle rentals may enter neighbouring countries, but fees apply. When you book your vehicle, you must confirm that you are leaving South Africa and where you are going. This gives the vehicle rental company enough time to draw up the right documentation and hand it to the customer to show at the border.
Cross Border Fees are applicable and will be quoted separately
Can I pick up and drop off my vehicle at different branches?
Yes - It's called a one way drop off. A fee is charged when a customer collects the vehicle at one branch and drops it off at a different branch. These fees are available on request.

If I am involved in an accident, what should I do?

What happens if I get a traffic fine?

If the customer gets a traffic fine while driving a vehicle rental, the fine will be send to the vehicle rental company. The rental company will send the fine to the customer and asked to also pay a traffic fine administration